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A database of lips traces

Cheiloscopy is a forensic investigation technique that deals with identification of humans based on lips traces. Lip prints are unique and permanent for each individual, and next to the fingerprinting, dental identification, and DNA analysis can be one of the basis for criminal/forensics analysis.

Here we make available SUT-Lips-DB database. SUT-Lips-DB is a database of lips traces collected from individuals representing males and females in different age. The database can be used to conduct further research related to image analysis in order to find characteristic traces and various types of classifications of individuals on the basis of characteristic features. The database is available for broader community of users in the Download section.

SUT-Lips-DB database availability and requirements
You can download the SUT-Lips-DB database from this page.

Project name: SUT-Lips-DB
Operating systems: N/A
Programming language: N/A
Other requirements: Any picture browser for JPGs
License: free for academics
Any restrictions to use by non-academics: licence needed


SUT-Lips-DB database is free for scientific and testing purposes. However, you are asked to cite our papers mentioned at the web site every time when you publish your own research conducted with the use of our software or when you compare your own results with ours.

SUT-Lips-DB database is available here (149 MB)